5-Point Star Service Guarantee

At Lone Star Benefits, we want our wisdom and experience to be utilized. Of course it’s done us well to have that knowledge, but we are here to be your daily resource for all your employee benefits needs. And what sets us apart is our unique “5-Point Star Service Guarantee”.

“5-Point Star Service Guarantee”

Principal Contact– We take pride in providing you with direct communication and a simple one-call connection to the principals of our firm. Once you’re a client of ours, the agent doesn’t disappear until renewal.  The agent will continue to play an integral role in your day to day benefits administration.

Exceptional Service Support- Our team of experienced, passionate insurance professionals will take the lead on all the insurance issues and service needs of your company and your employees. We provide the personal service touch that is missing from many of    the larger agencies.

Expanded Accessibility– We are available when you need us. Period. All you have to do is call.

Client-Centered Values- We can proudly say that you come first. We always choose what’s best for you over what’s best for the insurance carrier. We aren’t influenced by commissions, spiffs or promotions. Our goal is to serve your best interest, without exception.

Market Search- Since we work regularly with all major insurance carriers, we provide you with the broadest range of options and choices that best fit their needs. This gives you certainty in knowing that you have the leading plans and rates in the marketplace.